Your heart is a dancing star,

Rotating into love.
The vibration of your eyes,
Surrounds my soul.
Longing to release,
The death of your enclosure.
To expand your radiance,
Upon my aching soul.
My heart within its own confines,
You hold the key.

© S. Slate 2016


The Play of Fate

There is a touch so light –

Like a feather, it brings me to my height –
Of ecstacy encasing –
That feeling, forever chasing.

Your soul’s essence – Fuels
My soul’s acquiescence.
Conjoined souls –
Together once again?

My first Love –
You permeate my Aura,
Shinning bright like the Aurora.
Like a mourning Dove,
I sit here, forever Dear,
My longing a cliché-
Having to keep my heart at bay.

My Soul – My Dove,
Two beings- so alike,
Two birds taking flight.
In our Jungle of Love,
Our souls lift up in the night.
To the Goddess – Devoted.
We reach the Tantric height,
Our bodies exploded.

As quick as it came, is as quick as it’s gone.
No hand to hold, my pillow cold –
Waiting for fate to play, is what my Guides continue to say.
So I persevere through life,
Following an intuition.
As I continue my path, in hopes –
My Twin will come into fruition.

*S. Slate 2016*


You create havoc
In my deepest desires.
Never knowing this feeling-
Without the company of loss.
Maybe this time will be different,
…Or maybe it’s just a toss.

In this lifetime-
Are we meant to be?
Forever breaking down barriers,
Our soul- Bared
For all to see.
Each lifetime,
Closer –
To ascension,
To my Soul’s extension.

Yet,  whenever we meet-
Only lessons sprout and grow,
Seems we only know defeat.
But with heart’s sparking,
Forever we keep trying.
Back and forth-
As one.
-Again we part.

Forever beaten in my heart.
The chambers of my soul,
Pumping with depart.
From your hold.
Another life-
Less strife?

Our soul’s will keep coming back-
The deepest connection,
Ever known-
Soul binding.
Gut wrenching.
Without you-
I’m just me.
Me – yearning to be We.

Our Love-
A tree of innocence
Once sprouted,
Grown to disease and dis-ease.
But always steady-
A regeneration of its soul.
Nature resuscitated,
My longing of your soul.
Forever coming back,
For that-
We keep on track.

My soul was never lost,
The heart melted of frost.
Forever your embrace,
My mind-
Coming back to this place.
Lessons learned,
Growth in turn,
Forever in this moment,
Our hearts will always yearn.

Anima, Animus,
Enfolding in your touch
Our Love-
So lustrous.
Your touch, just as such-
Combined soul’s
Forever in your ties,
Is where my heart lies.

You are my Soul-
You are my Twin.

*S. Slate 2016*