Love, turned over

Electrified to the core,
I felt every bit of your essence.
Like a teenage crush,
Our bodies on fire with passion.
First thought,
Sparked the interest,
Let the wind carry the flames.

Here we face
The challenge of self,
Are we rooted?
Like the Oak tree,
Forever in one place?

Or are we forever flowing?
A river of passion,
Turning into a waterfall of trust,
Expanding into an ocean of love.
Nature at its best.

Entwined in energetic synergy.
A Double helix
Of thought and action,
Of romance and passion

Together we will decimate our fear,
Annihilate our hate,
Locate our inner strength.
Embracing change,
Forever in this moment,
Entwined in each other’s arms.

With the mind a blaze
of the other’s embrace.
Wild fire,
I’m on fire!
Wild fire,
You’re on fire!

Where does it go from here?
Will the fire stay lit?
Dancing in the night,
Fanning the flames
With the breath of our desire.
Weighing heavy on our lips
As you tug at my hips.

Will the river keep flowing?
Cultivating our energy,
Nourishing our roots,
Grounded as we grow.
New heights imagined
Beyond the cloud
Of rationality.

Our jaded idea of
Love, turned over
by our kindred Spirits.
What once was lost,
Within us,
Now is found.
To put us on the path
We were meant to pave
Destiny Aligned,
Everything’s Entwined.

Taking the leap of faith,
Will we trust our heart’s desire?

*S. Slate 2016*