The Way –

Follow the sun, little one –
Far from home, you did roam.
Your heart in a fright, as you were
Lost in sight.
But hope – you held on to,
With all your might.

By the mailbox, laid to rest –
Thinking about your mess..
I said, “Go no further – would be best,
Already too far.” – Wondering where you are.

As my intention came through,
It brought comfort to you.
Your soul – saddened,
Missing – your Human, you imagined.

You said – “I’ll wait…
Just till it gets late”
Figuring out, how I could help –
I connected…
Images shown, distance flown,
Information, I collected.

I said, “I’ll tell them where you are..
You’re not that far!”
So you sat and waited,
Till the sun lowered –
Reaching night, with a lingering fright..

In your kingdom, you remembered -The Sun and the Sunset’s colored bars,
And where they are.
As the morning star fell,
Suddenly – the way you could tell!

Follow the sun, little one –
You would find your way home,
By the time the day was done.
So you set out –
Without doubt,
“I Know the way”, you would say!

First a walk, then a run,
Familiarity came, with the setting of the sun.
Far from home, you did roam..

But you found your way,
Even late in the day..
You never gave up hope,
As you conquered your fears,
You made it home to joyful tears.

*S. Slate 2016*


My Angel

To love, to heal,
Never again will he steal –
Her light,
So bright –
My God,
Her might!

A victory from Heaven,
Thoughts manifest –

My Angel,
Now mine to protect,
From a soul that will infect.

Safe from the grasp –
Of the Devil himself,
Until he embraces self-help..
He will tangle and drown in the kelp.

An angry Ocean –
A witch’s Potion –
Banished in mind, body, and soul
Your abuse, will no longer take its toll.

Her heart is pure,
Her mind will cure,
Broken pieces of her soul.
The gift of Love,
Will now make her whole.

*S. Slate 2016*


When you said “little school”,
Chick, I wasn’t no fool..
I was getting a Bachelor Degree
And yet you dare decree?
Like I’m nothing special
A lazy ass on a menstrual.

When you said ” pick up the slack”
Woman, you must be on crack.
You dare say so?
Like I don’t know?
How you made the kids lunches,
Even though I packed enough-
Believing you is tough..

I didn’t appreciate it…
But I ate it.
As I heard you eat your words
Nothing gave me greater pleasure,
Than for you to believe what you just heard.
Kindness, can you afford?
On your own accord?

I know what you think of me,
You can’t hide the truth..
We just don’t get along, you and me.
Why don’t you see?

Pride, respect,
Nothing more – I expect.
Other than your Love,
How deeply I’ve yearned for it
But even that concept,
You never did pick up.

Wishing you the best,
Although, you put me to the test.
Thank god I’m nothing like you
Because I will always stay true.
A trust never running askew.

*S. Slate 2016*