The Dawning


A feeling rising –
Like the smoke filled lungs of my 14 year-old self.
A feeling I thought was lost.
A nostalgic yearning of energetic bliss –
Like the sweetness of Love’s first kiss
Washing over my body –
Like the ocean kissing the sand.
Like the sunset kissing the horizon.
Engulfed within the flames of desire.

A lifetime seems to have past since then-
Like I have died every day,
And I had been reborn every night.
A bleeding heart –
Only knowing the blade of sorrow
Like the crimson tears of the Virgin.
An existence in the shadows –
Fading into the darkness, losing ground –
Like the sinking hole of my heart.
My Soul shattering –
Like the fragmented prism of twilight.
Into the night –
Enveloped by the umbra of a broken heart.

A single moment –
Reseting time –
Like an antiquated program –
An execution of my sorrow.
The sweet aroma of bliss is
Like the Universe rising up in you –
Like the first breath of life.
The heartbeat of my Soul –
Resurrecting –
Like the burning rays of daylight’s first blush.

(C) S. Slate 11/19/17

Image Credit: Helen Nelson-Reed


Ghostly Predator

I see you trying to hide,
In the corner creeping.
Spying and eyeing the little children..
Licking your lips –
Ready for the feast of Energy.

There you are following,
Like a shadow that stretches into the distance –
Coming closer and closer,
About to grab –
But each time just beyond your reach.

You will never get them,
For I see you –
They will wisp through your fingers
Each time you prey..
They are protected
By the Light –
And the Dark will not survive.

© S. Slate 2016

The Beginning of the End

Your energy is my medicine,
As it fills my heart and my head –
Breathing fast,
Heart racing,
I will always remember what you said.

I feel you come near –
Embracing my soul my Dear.
Wrapped arms, wrapped lips
Into oblivion our toes dip.

I feel you seeping into my veins,
Our heart’s set off
As we take the reins.
Floating into oblivion –
The world crumbles and laments.
As we rise into the heavens –
Life as we know it ends.

Birthing our destiny.

© S. Slate 2016

The Way –

Follow the sun, little one –
Far from home, you did roam.
Your heart in a fright, as you were
Lost in sight.
But hope – you held on to,
With all your might.

By the mailbox, laid to rest –
Thinking about your mess..
I said, “Go no further – would be best,
Already too far.” – Wondering where you are.

As my intention came through,
It brought comfort to you.
Your soul – saddened,
Missing – your Human, you imagined.

You said – “I’ll wait…
Just till it gets late”
Figuring out, how I could help –
I connected…
Images shown, distance flown,
Information, I collected.

I said, “I’ll tell them where you are..
You’re not that far!”
So you sat and waited,
Till the sun lowered –
Reaching night, with a lingering fright..

In your kingdom, you remembered -The Sun and the Sunset’s colored bars,
And where they are.
As the morning star fell,
Suddenly – the way you could tell!

Follow the sun, little one –
You would find your way home,
By the time the day was done.
So you set out –
Without doubt,
“I Know the way”, you would say!

First a walk, then a run,
Familiarity came, with the setting of the sun.
Far from home, you did roam..

But you found your way,
Even late in the day..
You never gave up hope,
As you conquered your fears,
You made it home to joyful tears.

*S. Slate 2016*


We have reached our fate,
A meeting of Spirit.
A flowing energy entwined in DNA synergy –
Unfolding dreams of lucidity.
Creatively supporting growth –
Becoming One, becoming Whole – A
Completion of the Soul.
Communication – Expressed
In Holy celebration.

Graceful flowing Light and Love – An embodiment undreamed of.
Link into the Divine,
A ritual of Inner calling –
With the rise of the wild Sun –
We reach our peak,
Our utter transformation-
Body, mind, and soul alteration.

My soul’s essence,
Infinitely flowing in sync –
With the Divine presence.
Encompassed Tenderly –
Our sacred bodies,
Risen above the Earth, into Heaven’s luminescence –
I take in a Goddess presence.

Devotion – As from above,
As so below.
Evolution – of the Goddess incarnate.
Cultivating our transfiguration-
A Divine transformation.
Blessed by the Goddess Mother-
A connection of souls, We float
Around the fire’s coals –
Our souls, in an evolutional glow.


*S. Slate 2016*

The Play of Fate

There is a touch so light –

Like a feather, it brings me to my height –
Of ecstacy encasing –
That feeling, forever chasing.

Your soul’s essence – Fuels
My soul’s acquiescence.
Conjoined souls –
Together once again?

My first Love –
You permeate my Aura,
Shinning bright like the Aurora.
Like a mourning Dove,
I sit here, forever Dear,
My longing a cliché-
Having to keep my heart at bay.

My Soul – My Dove,
Two beings- so alike,
Two birds taking flight.
In our Jungle of Love,
Our souls lift up in the night.
To the Goddess – Devoted.
We reach the Tantric height,
Our bodies exploded.

As quick as it came, is as quick as it’s gone.
No hand to hold, my pillow cold –
Waiting for fate to play, is what my Guides continue to say.
So I persevere through life,
Following an intuition.
As I continue my path, in hopes –
My Twin will come into fruition.

*S. Slate 2016*

[I AM]

[I AM] a Mother.
[I AM] a Warrior.
[I AM] a Psychic.
[I AM] a Medium.
[I AM] a Shaman.
[I AM] a Witch.
[I AM] a Master of Reiki.
[I AM] a Gypsy.
[I AM] an Artist.
[I AM] a Poet.
[I AM] a Creator.
[I AM] a Goddess.
[I AM] Me.
[I AM] Ascending.
[I AM] Divine.
[I AM] Energy.
[I AM] Not Ashamed.
[I AM] the kind of Woman who doesn’t take shit from anyone.
*S. Slate 2016*