Energy Centers of our Soul

The roots of our being
Growing deeper,
With each passing day.
Grounded and balanced,
A Solid support.
In the energetic flow.
Within the scarlet glow.

The sensuality of emotion,
Running through our veins.
Flowing without oppression,
Amber blood rains.
The rains of ecstasy
Nourish the soul.

Blooming from our being,
A citrine beauty
Of inner strength.
A power center
Of authenticity.
Our soul,
Preparing for life,
As we take flight.

Enduring life’s trials,
Yet, always vulnerable
At the core.
A center of healing,
Radiating virescent energy.
The dance of our heart’s center,
The soul’s epicenter.

The literature,
of our soul’s truth,
Expression of our
Innermost thoughts,
The elocution of our cyan elegance,
Strengthens our true essence.
Triumphant in our verity,
Authentic in our heart,
Harmony and balance
Never to part.

Orchid visions of a Mystic,
Past, present, and future,
An elevation of intuition.
With mind, body, and soul aligned,
Lies the connection
To the Divine.
Three eyes open,
A guidance of perception,
Is guidance of reflection.

Divine Union,
The pearl crown to our being,
Connected to the source.
We are one.
Light flowing down,
Radiating every cell.
We are energy.
We are light.
Forever flowing.
Forever glowing.

*S. Slate 2016*

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