The Salesman

The Sunny day
In the pizza shop,
Was when my life turned around.
Here’s a pound –
Let’s kick it off…

…This is the family –
Don’t fuck around –
I’m warning you –
Or you’ll be buried under the town..

No problem, I said..
Just wait till you see..
I am an asset,
Just wait and see!

It came rolling in,
Boy! Life was good.
I was living big!
Till I was hit with Robo Cop,
Then shit went thin..

I tried other avenues,
Till their patience wore thin..
Too much heat,
They cut me loose..
Had to fake my death,
Or I’d get the noose..

Poor dude,
Still haunted by that night,
With every arrest,
They get closer –
My lies are catching up.
It seems I may not pass the test!

Living homeless –
Trying to hide –
I hope they don’t find me,
Police or family ties –

Keep living-
Another day passes..
Too much dirt –
Though I should be fine..
Im ok,
I’ll pass the test of time 😉

With a smile and a wink,
I keep on with my game.
Karma won’t catch up –
Not with my wink,
My ship – will never sink!

*S. Slate 2016*


I Will Miss You!

My last time smoking..
Just for a little while!
We had some good times,
That will forever be in my mind.
But alas, I must bid you adieu,
I will miss you,
But now I’ve got to be true.

Hence forth I go!
To change what I see..
And to see what I changed.
No need to ever Spange!
Because I’ve got
Spare change!
This is why it must end,
Though I never did intend.
For my path, it depends.

Just wait a bit,
Just this little bit…
So I can get my shit strait,
If you want to go on that date.

And when that day comes,
We will be so ready!
Our shit strait-
Even went on that date-
That we will be so high
Under the midnight sky.
Just as happy as pie.

*S. Slate 2016*