Hands stretched out,
Almost falling off the ledge.
The truth comes out,
When you finally reach the edge..

Reflection of the situation –
Nothing but the frustration.
Karmic inclusions
Yet – Karmic seclusion,
It was nearly just an illusion.

I let you go
Because I needed to show,
Myself – how much I deserve,
Something so much better –
Settling for nothing lesser.

Cords cut, Doors shut,
My heart was running out of luck.
Promises broken,
In the end, I couldn’t hang on,
Nothing to show in the long run.

The hardest thing I’ve had to do
Was my emancipation from you,
To myself, I had to be true.
As tears run down my face,
Myself, I had to brace,
It’s time to embrace your erase.

*S. Slate 2016*


The Play of Fate

There is a touch so light –

Like a feather, it brings me to my height –
Of ecstacy encasing –
That feeling, forever chasing.

Your soul’s essence – Fuels
My soul’s acquiescence.
Conjoined souls –
Together once again?

My first Love –
You permeate my Aura,
Shinning bright like the Aurora.
Like a mourning Dove,
I sit here, forever Dear,
My longing a cliché-
Having to keep my heart at bay.

My Soul – My Dove,
Two beings- so alike,
Two birds taking flight.
In our Jungle of Love,
Our souls lift up in the night.
To the Goddess – Devoted.
We reach the Tantric height,
Our bodies exploded.

As quick as it came, is as quick as it’s gone.
No hand to hold, my pillow cold –
Waiting for fate to play, is what my Guides continue to say.
So I persevere through life,
Following an intuition.
As I continue my path, in hopes –
My Twin will come into fruition.

*S. Slate 2016*

A Snapshot of Life

You stare, behind your window
A blank expression.
A smile cracks-
Shake off the impossible.
But isn’t anything possible?

Fingers caress,
The non-existent figure.
Imagine a dream-
You shake your head.
Is that possible?
Worlds apart-
Night and day-

What can I say…
Karmic ties.
Your head doesn’t speak lies.
I know you feel it-
A lip you bit.

This is for you-
We don’t really speak
But our thoughts invade-
Through time and space-
Lonely nights forgotten-
Can’t touch, can’t smell.
Yet so close
You can’t even tell..

You watch a snapshot of life…
Curious to what it is-
Inhaling… slowly exhaling…
Pretty thoughts,
You’re caught.

Given freely.

*S. Slate 2016*

Unfinished Business

There is a part of me
That loves so deeply,
Longing for the stranger
That sets my soul on fire.
Though these dreams
Go unrealized,
My feelings can’t change.

There are
No voids to fill,
Just soul deep
Unfinished business.
We gravitate,
Like magnets.

I love you.
I hate that I love you.
You don’t pay mind
To how I feel.
You know how I feel,
You see how I feel,
You hear how I feel.
Destiny is

I try not to think of you.
I try not to feel you.
I try not to hear you.

Maddening telepathy
Maddening connection
Won’t subside
Sleepless nights
Opposite timezones
I’m awake
You’re awake
Energy connect
Won’t subside.

Answers is all I need,
Recognition is all I need,
Or Closure is what I need.
What do you want?
You know what I want.
No more silence.

*S. Slate 2016*

The Illusion

Window to the soul.
Your gaze takes its toll.

Passions unrealized,
Longing for you, in lieu,
Our love, crystallized,
I must bid you adieu.

In my mind
We are here, rooted.
Swaying in the wind,
A Willow of energy,
Passionate synergy.

Truth in thought,
But not in action.
I suspect,
Resonating disconnect.

Show me the way
Coupled, our bodies.
Your thoughts invade,
Our telepathy persuades.

Lust, unjust
Too good to be true,
You came out of the blue.
Craving your being
My heart singing,
But with one less melody
Forever an insufficient symphony.

A tear drop
In an ocean,
Forever flowing.

Selfish motives
Is all i see.
There you stand
Mediocre, without demand,
Of thee and me.

All an illusion
I expect this to be,
Fatal attraction
Never to be set free.

*S. Slate 2016*

One Lost Love

There you were
Standing there.
In my mind
Below my tree.
The energy dancing like rainbow,
You helped me build
The roots to my being.

Starting new,
There you were.
Like a comet crashing from the sky.
Unprepared for your love,
A tornado of lies,
A hurricane of bliss.
I went as deep as one could go,
Giving you my everything.
Broken and battered,
Ready to be birthed.
Love and hope,
There you were…
Why can’t i hope?

The moment of Truth.
You came to me,
Time and space doesn’t exist.
There you were, in Spirit
Felt you, right there, One kiss
It truly did exist.
Wild fire arose,
Set a blaze to my soul!
In one instant
Like the Fool,
I went right over the edge.

Perfection at its highest,
Flying high above the sky.
Into outer space,
My soul released.

One misstep coming down,
Cloud 9 to cloud 0.
In an instant
You were gone.
Doubt, fear, anguish, hate
Confusion, but brought it on myself.
The nose knows,
I knew this was my fate.
Hate, love, anguish, ecstasy.
My world was a storm
Once again,
Couldn’t escape.
Why can’t I escape?
Why didn’t I listen?
Lesson learned. Move on.

But then, I woke up…
Foggy, empty, emotionless.
Do you know what it’s like to have no soul?
I do.
EMPTY, in my shell of a body.
In an instant, I was whole again.
Broken and battered,
Just like before…
But 10x worse.

Here we fast forward…
One year, No tears.
Content, happy, strong, whole.
You set the standard,
I am grateful for that.
Wasn’t meant to be,
I get that.
No hard feelings,
I don’t blame, I don’t hate
No ill intent.

This is important, because
Now you’re in the hot seat,
And I know it.
Nothing unconditional about your situation.
Too bad, literally, so sad.
You hurt me,
Now you know what it feels like.
Funny how karma works…
Wasn’t my plan though,
Wasn’t my intention
Only did,
What I was told,
Divine Intervention.
Your ignorance was your bliss.
You shut off your psychic eye.
So I was recruited,
To be there barer of bad confirmation.
Don’t shoot the messenger!
You already knew,
Everybody knew…
But I’m the only one,
who cared enough.
Enough to say,
You are right, Open your eyes.

We will see how it goes from here,
Wish you the best.
And no matter what,
It’s unconditional.
Remember that in your mess.

*S. Slate 2016*