Ghostly Predator

I see you trying to hide,
In the corner creeping.
Spying and eyeing the little children..
Licking your lips –
Ready for the feast of Energy.

There you are following,
Like a shadow that stretches into the distance –
Coming closer and closer,
About to grab –
But each time just beyond your reach.

You will never get them,
For I see you –
They will wisp through your fingers
Each time you prey..
They are protected
By the Light –
And the Dark will not survive.

© S. Slate 2016



A Wolf in Sheep’s clothing –
Buttering me up for the roasting.
A dinner I was to attend,
The main course of the boyfriend.
Evil eyes, in your ties –
Little did I know,
Your mind, an iceberg –
Truly disturbed.

I never really knew Monsters existed.
In this life, my Spirit was truly tested.
The shadows in the night were real,
Out of the closet you came, for I was your blood meal –
My fate, then sealed –
As you crept up, my journey began,
I lay there still sleeping,
Now in the grasp of a Monster’s hands.

Fast forward …
Then began the horrors –
A hammer to the head,
Was better than sex – you said.
You sat there in mock orgasm,
Your body going into spasm.
As your eyes rolled into the back of your head –
A smile across your face, at the thought of the dead.

My eyes wide, what have I done?
I sat there frozen,
Why couldn’t I just run?
I’ve never been so afraid-
Little did I know, the price I was about to pay.
My soul, entrusted to another human-
Your mind, utterly inhuman.

What was I to do?
My soul, turning a cobalt blue.
My fear – crippling
You sat there, belittling.
My head to the floor,
I deserved it all and more.
Disgusted with myself,
You made sure I didn’t have anybody else.

As I sat there alone,
Assessing my situation –
You get used to the abuse,
As you make every excuse…
As to why you deserve this,
Bruises sealed with a kiss…
Words healed,
As the “past” fades into the Abyss…

My ignorance was my bliss,
As you came with a smile and a kiss-
You seemed innocent enough,
Disbelieving your lies, at first, was tough.
You had a good front,
As you rolled your blunt –
Wish you would of just been upfront.

Because at first I was blind –
Realization took me a long time…
Too little, too late –
My ship sailed, and I was the bait..
I fought the tides, and I fought the current,
Finally caught, in the undercurrent.
Between the rocks your line broke,
Thank God I was finally free,
The Spirit in me finally awoke!

My tragedy then finally over,
As I escaped your killer nature,
My Ego died, my Spirit crossed over.
Happy times, now isn’t just a Reminiscence,
Never again will I be plagued with my previous acquiescence.

*S. Slate 2016*

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We have reached our fate,
A meeting of Spirit.
A flowing energy entwined in DNA synergy –
Unfolding dreams of lucidity.
Creatively supporting growth –
Becoming One, becoming Whole – A
Completion of the Soul.
Communication – Expressed
In Holy celebration.

Graceful flowing Light and Love – An embodiment undreamed of.
Link into the Divine,
A ritual of Inner calling –
With the rise of the wild Sun –
We reach our peak,
Our utter transformation-
Body, mind, and soul alteration.

My soul’s essence,
Infinitely flowing in sync –
With the Divine presence.
Encompassed Tenderly –
Our sacred bodies,
Risen above the Earth, into Heaven’s luminescence –
I take in a Goddess presence.

Devotion – As from above,
As so below.
Evolution – of the Goddess incarnate.
Cultivating our transfiguration-
A Divine transformation.
Blessed by the Goddess Mother-
A connection of souls, We float
Around the fire’s coals –
Our souls, in an evolutional glow.


*S. Slate 2016*

The Soul

Forever traveling,
The tracks of life.
Choose the nature
Of your ride.

The crows feet of flight
Or a cold fish floating?
When you think about it,
The choice is yours.

Laughter is a courtesy call
Open aired and free,
Particles of sound,
Thought through action.

Stoic in nature,
A train ride of silence.
Forever ongoing,
A routine of sapless emotion.

Break the stillness!
A shatter of glass.
The ego cracked open,
The veil of silence,
Forever broken.

Noise, the breakthrough.
A train, with life.
Reaction. Creation.
Inspiration. Anticipation.
Warmth fills the soul.

Eyes wide open,
Staring strait into life.
A sound escapes your lips,
A smile cracks
against the grain.
Lines of laughter.

Find your Spirit,
Whatever the cost.
For when the sound of laughter
Escapes your lips,
Your courtesy call of joy,
You inspire.
Imperfection at its best.
You acknowledge,
Sacred self.
For love knows no bounds.

*S. Slate 2016*

My Paradise

My Aura, energy
Of love, vibration
Of life, forever changed,
A standard unmatched.
Life has begun anew.

My Soul,
Set ablaze, trials
Of life, tribulations
Of spirit.
Forever expanding.
Ashes of my death.
Creation of my paradise.
Life has begun anew.

My Root, energy
Of love, vibration
Of life, forever changed,
A standard unmatched.
Life has begun anew.

My Spirit,
A Phoenix, forever
Etched in my skin.
Symbolic, of life
Unfolding, of spirit
Ashes of my death
Creation of my paradise.
Life has begun anew.

My Heart, energy
Of love, vibration
Of life, forever changed,
A standard unmatched.
Life has begun anew.

*S. Slate 2016*