Our Connection

We become one –
A feeling transmitted.
Confusion and arrest…
But you hold me tight,
Embracing me –
Smothering my anxiety.
Love Enfolding in my soul,
Bringing light to my darkness –
Together, we become whole.

© S. Slate 2016


The Beginning of the End

Your energy is my medicine,
As it fills my heart and my head –
Breathing fast,
Heart racing,
I will always remember what you said.

I feel you come near –
Embracing my soul my Dear.
Wrapped arms, wrapped lips
Into oblivion our toes dip.

I feel you seeping into my veins,
Our heart’s set off
As we take the reins.
Floating into oblivion –
The world crumbles and laments.
As we rise into the heavens –
Life as we know it ends.

Birthing our destiny.

© S. Slate 2016

Little Bird

I see the suffering in your eyes,
As little bird fills your head with all those lies.
Wings of grace – But another in disguise.

She sits on a branch, just out of reach –
But your mind she will always breach.
Her poison, she will leach –
As it drops on your crown,
Seeping into your ears with her sound,
Singing –

“Anger and frustration will be your demise,
As I fill your head with all your failed tries.
All your lies – you will pay,
For eternity, you will be your own demise”

Floating words, seep into your mind,
Your broken soul, you pay in kind.
As you die a thousand deaths –
With each one, you take your last breath.

Head drawn, eyes wept –
Mistaken steps – off the ledge you leapt.
A downward spiral of inner demons –
Robbing you of your inner dreaming.

What you fail to see –
Is your spark.
Your light –
Your heart shines so bright –

You shine like gold.
Like the sun –
Don’t let your heart and soul fold.
It’s the pressure of greatness –
Although, you feel it’s your

I know you don’t see this now –
The envy is masked,
By the pain little bird endows.
She keeps you distracted,
Head spinning –
Gut wrenching –
In circles you keep swimming.

© S. Slate 2016

As One

There was a world
In which we existed.
Together, as one
Like the River of Amazon.
We traveled down,
The path of the Shaman.

In our past,
Graceful like the flames.
Together, as one
Like the Fire dance,
Ecstatic motion,
Drums, and bodies of emotion.
Dancing like the fire,
Magic from the heavens.

Shaman of the people,
Together, as one.
Healers of our tribe.
Medicine of our earth.
Magic of our ancestors.
Conduits of energy,
Keepers of our power.

This life has passed,
It still runs through our veins.
Together, as one
Forever etched in time,
The magic remains.
Our souls entwined,
Within the constructs
Of time.

*S. Slate 2016*