I curl up in a ball,
Intricately woven together –
Like a ball of yarn.
The kitten of pain –
Pats and taps,
Taunting my encased soul.
“Feel”, she said.
“Feel the pain.”

This incessant nudge.
Trying to hide –
How can I hide when I’m already drowning in my own tears?
My ball is filling quickly –
Death is inevitable.
Either drown in my own tears…
Or face the pain.

© S. Slate 2016


Little Bird

I see the suffering in your eyes,
As little bird fills your head with all those lies.
Wings of grace – But another in disguise.

She sits on a branch, just out of reach –
But your mind she will always breach.
Her poison, she will leach –
As it drops on your crown,
Seeping into your ears with her sound,
Singing –

“Anger and frustration will be your demise,
As I fill your head with all your failed tries.
All your lies – you will pay,
For eternity, you will be your own demise”

Floating words, seep into your mind,
Your broken soul, you pay in kind.
As you die a thousand deaths –
With each one, you take your last breath.

Head drawn, eyes wept –
Mistaken steps – off the ledge you leapt.
A downward spiral of inner demons –
Robbing you of your inner dreaming.

What you fail to see –
Is your spark.
Your light –
Your heart shines so bright –

You shine like gold.
Like the sun –
Don’t let your heart and soul fold.
It’s the pressure of greatness –
Although, you feel it’s your

I know you don’t see this now –
The envy is masked,
By the pain little bird endows.
She keeps you distracted,
Head spinning –
Gut wrenching –
In circles you keep swimming.

© S. Slate 2016

The Original Abuser

Little eyes watching,

The first blow thrown.

For my sin’s I must atone…

That one reached the bone.

Cowering in the corner

To the Gods I pray –

It gives you great pleasure to see me this way.

Take us from this,

Oh Holy one –

I can handle it,

But they shouldn’t see it…

I left this –

Only to come to this?

A different face,

A different place,

The origin of my troubles,

The place I learned my struggles.

Copyright S. Slate 2016


My heart races,
My breath quickens.
I close my eyes –
Here it comes…

A rising ocean,
Like a tidal wave implosion….
Crashing on my shore,
Destroying –
An internal war.

Grasping for comfort,
A food, a drug, a drink…
Why won’t anything work?
Fuck! I can’t even think!

With the initial blow over,
The next one comes…
It’s not just one wave..
Oh fuck, here it comes!
Just breathe… Just breathe…
You can do this..
Just relax.
Just find your internal bliss…
You can handle this.

What calms me down,
Is when silence prevails –
A time of meditation,
A time of contemplation.
I breathe and im ok –
This feeling fades away.

My eyes open,
Again I’m calm.
Time to live life –
With a smile and a charm.
I won’t let it control me,
I’ve found my peace –
Grounding, meditating,
This way – I achieve my peace.

*S. Slate 2016*

The Wild

What is the purpose?
Of our connection..
I sit here in reflection.
Your whispers leave me wordless,
My heart warming – makes me nervous.
I have to admit,
I think about my sorrow –
Every failed relationship,
I lament till the morrow.
Then here you come –
Washing over me like a wave,
You are everything I crave –
A Mind and body misbehave..
This fluttering awakens my soul
This knowing – of being whole.
But I look upon this mountain
And I close my eyes and breath –
This part of me I need to retrieve.
I begin my walk, not knowing the perils I may face,
Finally breaking out of my stagnant space.
This foreign land –
Lush and wild,
My eyes are wide
As I begin my climb –
A scared little child
Stepping out into the wild.
I don’t know what’s waiting for me,
Certainly no guarantee –
The ups and downs of being free…
It will be worth it
This I know.
This journey is my path
Regardless of what I would have to show.


*S. Slate 2016*