So, I thought I would quit smoking –
I thought I could make it –
Make it in Babylon..
Like a knight on a horse –
Sword drawn –
Yep – I was mistaken.

People like me don’t fit in –
Not the picture perfect image of a Manager.
All my experience, overlooked.
My locked crown,
Diversity – Discrimination.

So I sat down, rethought the plan.
A, B, C, and now D..
Keeping tabs on my synchronicities –
Praying for guidance,
They said –

“Your soul is in your roots,
And your roots are planted in the garden.
Together as one,
No need to deny –
The connection to Gaia,
Your purpose, your passion,
You need to rely.”

My purpose, my passion,
What is my purpose, my passion?
My soul is in the garden, yes.
My passion, Yes!

My purpose is my passion.
My purpose is in the garden.
My purpose is to be a Grower.

*S. Slate 2016*


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