A Wolf in Sheep’s clothing –
Buttering me up for the roasting.
A dinner I was to attend,
The main course of the boyfriend.
Evil eyes, in your ties –
Little did I know,
Your mind, an iceberg –
Truly disturbed.

I never really knew Monsters existed.
In this life, my Spirit was truly tested.
The shadows in the night were real,
Out of the closet you came, for I was your blood meal –
My fate, then sealed –
As you crept up, my journey began,
I lay there still sleeping,
Now in the grasp of a Monster’s hands.

Fast forward …
Then began the horrors –
A hammer to the head,
Was better than sex – you said.
You sat there in mock orgasm,
Your body going into spasm.
As your eyes rolled into the back of your head –
A smile across your face, at the thought of the dead.

My eyes wide, what have I done?
I sat there frozen,
Why couldn’t I just run?
I’ve never been so afraid-
Little did I know, the price I was about to pay.
My soul, entrusted to another human-
Your mind, utterly inhuman.

What was I to do?
My soul, turning a cobalt blue.
My fear – crippling
You sat there, belittling.
My head to the floor,
I deserved it all and more.
Disgusted with myself,
You made sure I didn’t have anybody else.

As I sat there alone,
Assessing my situation –
You get used to the abuse,
As you make every excuse…
As to why you deserve this,
Bruises sealed with a kiss…
Words healed,
As the “past” fades into the Abyss…

My ignorance was my bliss,
As you came with a smile and a kiss-
You seemed innocent enough,
Disbelieving your lies, at first, was tough.
You had a good front,
As you rolled your blunt –
Wish you would of just been upfront.

Because at first I was blind –
Realization took me a long time…
Too little, too late –
My ship sailed, and I was the bait..
I fought the tides, and I fought the current,
Finally caught, in the undercurrent.
Between the rocks your line broke,
Thank God I was finally free,
The Spirit in me finally awoke!

My tragedy then finally over,
As I escaped your killer nature,
My Ego died, my Spirit crossed over.
Happy times, now isn’t just a Reminiscence,
Never again will I be plagued with my previous acquiescence.

*S. Slate 2016*

Photo Credit: https://thesocietypages.org/socimages/2013/09/17/from-the-mouths-of-rapists-the-lyrics-of-robin-thickes-blurred-lines-and-real-life-rape/


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