A wave of Heaven-
Your cyan beauty
Came crashing at my shore.
Never did I expect-
This dialect,
Heart’s connect.

But here you are…
Churning my sand
In this rip tide of life,
Crashing against this land.

These tides- They
Turn us on our sides,
They pull us under, they spit us out.
Sometimes we just don’t know which way is out..

I know this feeling-
But still, we need healing..

Up and down-
Are we going to drown?

Do we fight this ocean?
Or go with the ebb and flow,
Under the Moon aglow.
Under the Milky Way-
Our eye’s lock.

So, I guess there is a choice to be made…
What will it be?
Do we start, by getting up on one knee?
Next step, can we stand up?

Though we’ve fought hard,
We’re faced with a wildcard.
So, there is really no need to drown.
Maybe finally, we can be crowned..

The pearls from the Ocean-
Resting above our brow.
It just takes one motion..
King and Queen-
Since there’s really no in-between..

*S. Slate 2016*


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