I’ll scratch the surface for you.
A scratch and sniff
Of death and decline.
I hold my heart in my hands for you.
Black plague of my morality-
Self loathing in totality-
But for tonight I’ll be true
Sending shivers up my spine
As I tell the tale of my decline.

There was once upon a time,
A girl so sweet.
So sweet-
A babe with a treat.
Though you wouldn’t even notice,
She was just a dying lotus.
A hate so deep running through her veins-
Her spirit, her heart
So lonely and in pain.

Nothing went right
Her smile even trite.
Then came along
The man with the hat..
So evil-
But tended
To her upheaval.
Built her up-
But then knocked her down,
Crying was her only sound
As she fell to the ground.

Never did she expect
That her own inner dialect,
Was the root of her decline,
As the events fell in line.
A self-worth-
That was void of love’s girth.
A tragedy then birthed.

This was the death of her Ego,
Far beyond a placebo.
Her soul tired,
Her heart,
Just yearning to expire.

But, one thing she’ll never regret-
She found her worth,
You can bet!
Never again, will she have fear in her eyes!
Never again, will she fall for someone’s lies!

After her lessons,
Came the blessings-
The one thing
That keeps her life going,
Is the thought-
Of true Love’s Divine ringing,
Her soul, forever singing!

Would she ever be blessed?
Could she ever guess-
That the matching piece,
Would help put her soul to peace?

This is what keeps her going.
Even though never knowing-
If it’s all in spite..
Her Dream World, so trite.
But still she believes,
With all her might!

*S. Slate 2016*


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