When you said “little school”,
Chick, I wasn’t no fool..
I was getting a Bachelor Degree
And yet you dare decree?
Like I’m nothing special
A lazy ass on a menstrual.

When you said ” pick up the slack”
Woman, you must be on crack.
You dare say so?
Like I don’t know?
How you made the kids lunches,
Even though I packed enough-
Believing you is tough..

I didn’t appreciate it…
But I ate it.
As I heard you eat your words
Nothing gave me greater pleasure,
Than for you to believe what you just heard.
Kindness, can you afford?
On your own accord?

I know what you think of me,
You can’t hide the truth..
We just don’t get along, you and me.
Why don’t you see?

Pride, respect,
Nothing more – I expect.
Other than your Love,
How deeply I’ve yearned for it
But even that concept,
You never did pick up.

Wishing you the best,
Although, you put me to the test.
Thank god I’m nothing like you
Because I will always stay true.
A trust never running askew.

*S. Slate 2016*


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