I trusted you to keep me safe.
Naive as could be,
I truly didn’t see.
The trap I was walking into,
From yellow to blue
Nothing was true.

..Unspeakable things,
Terror it brings.
To mind
Of the time…
Never mind.

My fear, that was forever Dear,
My heart locked in its cage.
Mind full of rage-
You would engage.
Yet… trapped,
Resources tapped.

No solitude given.
No where to escape,
Heart full of hate.
I just put too fucking much on my plate.

Obedience was survival-
Yet, utterly suicidal.
Couldn’t do it though-
Couldn’t leave her,
Wouldn’t hear her heart purr.

She was my guiding light-
My joy, despite.
To look into her eyes-
I had to get her out of his ties.
Then one day I got sick-
Too soon to feel a kick.
My eyes wide,
I started to cry.
I just had to try.

My pain taught me how to live-
My anguish taught me how to
The fear in my soul,
Even though,
It took its toll.
The escape-
Is the act I needed to take.

*S. Slate 2016*


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