You stare, behind your window
A blank expression.
A smile cracks-
Shake off the impossible.
But isn’t anything possible?

Fingers caress,
The non-existent figure.
Imagine a dream-
You shake your head.
Is that possible?
Worlds apart-
Night and day-

What can I say…
Karmic ties.
Your head doesn’t speak lies.
I know you feel it-
A lip you bit.

This is for you-
We don’t really speak
But our thoughts invade-
Through time and space-
Lonely nights forgotten-
Can’t touch, can’t smell.
Yet so close
You can’t even tell..

You watch a snapshot of life…
Curious to what it is-
Inhaling… slowly exhaling…
Pretty thoughts,
You’re caught.

Given freely.

*S. Slate 2016*


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