On and on
We move without care,
Flowing with this ecstasy,
Our bodies lay bare.
Through the music
We be,
One with the vibration.
The heart beats
In synchronization.

A dance of creation.
Sweating like sex,
Passionate movement.
A Divine influx
Of Heaven’s scent.
One body of emotion,
One breath in motion.

A shifting consciousness.
A spiritual unity.
A unison of
Beta to Theta.
Deeply connected,
Our love,
Is protected.

On and on
Our actions with cause,
Even as the melody stops,
We cease to pause.
Dancing till the mid-night,
Our bodies,
Take flight.

Passions continued,
Till the rise of the wild Sun,
Out of breath
We reach the Ego of death.

*S. Slate 2016*


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