There is a part of me
That loves so deeply,
Longing for the stranger
That sets my soul on fire.
Though these dreams
Go unrealized,
My feelings can’t change.

There are
No voids to fill,
Just soul deep
Unfinished business.
We gravitate,
Like magnets.

I love you.
I hate that I love you.
You don’t pay mind
To how I feel.
You know how I feel,
You see how I feel,
You hear how I feel.
Destiny is

I try not to think of you.
I try not to feel you.
I try not to hear you.

Maddening telepathy
Maddening connection
Won’t subside
Sleepless nights
Opposite timezones
I’m awake
You’re awake
Energy connect
Won’t subside.

Answers is all I need,
Recognition is all I need,
Or Closure is what I need.
What do you want?
You know what I want.
No more silence.

*S. Slate 2016*


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