Forever traveling,
The tracks of life.
Choose the nature
Of your ride.

The crows feet of flight
Or a cold fish floating?
When you think about it,
The choice is yours.

Laughter is a courtesy call
Open aired and free,
Particles of sound,
Thought through action.

Stoic in nature,
A train ride of silence.
Forever ongoing,
A routine of sapless emotion.

Break the stillness!
A shatter of glass.
The ego cracked open,
The veil of silence,
Forever broken.

Noise, the breakthrough.
A train, with life.
Reaction. Creation.
Inspiration. Anticipation.
Warmth fills the soul.

Eyes wide open,
Staring strait into life.
A sound escapes your lips,
A smile cracks
against the grain.
Lines of laughter.

Find your Spirit,
Whatever the cost.
For when the sound of laughter
Escapes your lips,
Your courtesy call of joy,
You inspire.
Imperfection at its best.
You acknowledge,
Sacred self.
For love knows no bounds.

*S. Slate 2016*


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