Window to the soul.
Your gaze takes its toll.

Passions unrealized,
Longing for you, in lieu,
Our love, crystallized,
I must bid you adieu.

In my mind
We are here, rooted.
Swaying in the wind,
A Willow of energy,
Passionate synergy.

Truth in thought,
But not in action.
I suspect,
Resonating disconnect.

Show me the way
Coupled, our bodies.
Your thoughts invade,
Our telepathy persuades.

Lust, unjust
Too good to be true,
You came out of the blue.
Craving your being
My heart singing,
But with one less melody
Forever an insufficient symphony.

A tear drop
In an ocean,
Forever flowing.

Selfish motives
Is all i see.
There you stand
Mediocre, without demand,
Of thee and me.

All an illusion
I expect this to be,
Fatal attraction
Never to be set free.

*S. Slate 2016*


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